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Irvine Kahuna Water Polo is a community based program operating out of the world class William Woollett Aquatics Center in Irvine California.

We fundamentally develop water polo athletes to play and understand the "Complete" game. We have players from all age groups and skill levels; from 7 years olds to high school players and some Masters players as well. We develop and train all athletes equally based on their proficiency and ability to learn.

We have introductory, intermediate, and advanced programs. We are currently training top nationally recognized players as well as those just beginning this exciting sport, and everything in between. Click on "Training Groups" on the left to know into which session event to register after you register to the club.

Register for the Club
All athletes and coaches must register to the club. For families with more than one athlete please register with the "Athlete Family Bundle" option. Enter first (youngest) athlete into the Athlete Family Bundle membership category as the administrator of that bundle, then additional athletes. This will allow management of more than one athlete in the same family using one log in. After that one may login to register for a training session or league or tournament by clicking on the "Club Events Registration" tab. Each member must have a unique email address, so please create free email addresses using GMail or contact club director for email address which forwards to designated parents' email.

Note: All parents should join as Parent Members (free) to receive communications. Keep in mind that each person must have unique email address.


FUNdamentals is very important in the development of a beginner player; and even more important, to an advanced player. Even the best players in the world are working on fundamentals. We try our best to make the drills FUN so that learning and development can take place. Come and join our team and you will see that we are developing some of the best water polo players in the area.

KAHUNA (ka·hu·na)
plural also (ka·hu·na)
i.e. we are Kahuna, he is Kahuna, etc.
Function: noun
Etymology: Hawaiian
Date: 1875

Definitions: a preeminent person or thing, a guru, any person or thing to whom larger-than-life power or authority is attributed, a person with specialized knowledge, expert in any profession.

As our club and corporate philosophy we continually strive for the highest proficiency in our endeavors, whether it be teaching the dynamic sport of water polo to the community, operating events, developing our club, or supporting the Irvine communities as a
501(c)3 Public Charity.

While many athlete, coach, and administrator members of our club have indeed achieved Kahuna status with respect to many aspects of the sport of water polo and in life, please understand that the use of the word "Kahuna" as our philosophy is not used with arrogance but as a constant reminder of what we teach and wish to attain!

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Club Registration for Training & Events

05 Jun 2015 7:00 AM • William Woollett Aquatics Center, Woodbridge HS, El Toro HS, J Serra HS and other venues in Orange Country
25 Jul 2015 7:00 AM • William Woollett Aquatics Center
22 Aug 2015 7:00 AM • Alamitos Bay, Long Beach, CA

2014 NJO Finishes!

The Kahuna 12U and 14U boys teams both finish 9th overall making them Top 10 teams nationwide.

Kahuna's 10U coed team finished 17th overall making them a top 20 team nation wide. 

The Kahuna 16U boys team  took 2nd and the 18U boys team took 5th - both in the Classic division.

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